Saturday, September 25, 2010

Send To-Do List Items To Your Mobile Phone With Opera's Notes Tool And An SMS Portal

You can use SMS web portals and Opera's Notes tool to send to-do list items to your phone. It's easy enough to copy and paste things into and out of Notes, but read the remainder of the blog entry for tips on saving clicks, and streamlining your process. I think that this blog entry will really help you to be more organized.

Bear in mind that this idea is geared for cell phones that are no longer capable of using the web, and therefore, are not capable of using Opera Link, and for those who are allowed to send free text messages from the web. There are Opera widgets that help you to get organized, but if you do not like those widgets, and/or do not like widgets at all, then keep reading.

Setting Up

  1. Go to your SMS web portal, and copy text from the main page into a note.
  2. Open the note, then delete that text, then type in whatever seems most useful to you. I typed in "To Do Outside". If I can do a task at home, then I do not need to have that task added to my phone. Therefore, I created this separate list for the outside tasks.

Add And Remove Tasks

  1. Every time you need to add a task to the list, just type in a date, time, location and other meaningful information. Mine looks like this.
    To Do Outside

    **** Sep 24 ****
    Maple Loft


    **** Oct 7 ****
    13401 108 Ave
    11th floor

    **** Dec 2 ****
    10a - noon
  2. Everytime you need to remove an entry, then just delete the relevant text.

Send A Task To Your Phone

  1. Single click the note in the list of notes to open the note.
  2. Double click the note in the list of notes to open the web site.
  3. Login.
  4. Copy the task from your list.
  5. Paste it in the web portal's new SMS field.
  6. Send it.

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