Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grecian Formula Update [end of week 4]

This week, I only started applying the stuff on Friday, if I recall correctly. In general, I have been applying more than normal, and it seems that just like previous weeks, it started showing more colour after about 3 days. Read the remainder of the blog entry for more information.

On 1 of the days, I tried to apply a whole bunch of it, while my hair was still wet from the rain. The idea is that the hair would still be soft, and I did not want to waste time waiting for it to dry.

This past week, I have been more careful, to remember to continually shake the bottle while rubbing the formula into my hair.

I have also attempted to rub in more than normal. I do not want to keep up this routine, so there is no need to save it, or to spread it out. Also my hair might be thicker than I realize, so it would be worth experimenting on whether or not more product would make a difference.

This should have been the last post about the product, but there is still so much of it left, that I keep writing, until I use up the last drop.

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